DC Lynx OG John Shanahan (Black/Black/Battleship)

DC Lynx OG John Shanahan (Black/Black/Battleship)


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DC Lynx OG John Shanahan Skate Shoes - Black

  • Full-grain leather and super suede uppers
  • Custom lace locks
  • 'One Off John' inspired button pocket closure on the side

The DC Lynx OG is one of skateboarding's most well-known skate shoe silhouettes. The shoe is heavily associated with DC Shoes skateboarders Josh Kalis and Brian Wenning. The Lynx quickly became the go-to shoe in skateboarding at the turn of the decade.

DC launched the lynx in 1998. At the time, Director of Footwear Design, Sung Choi drew up a design for a comfortable and functional skate shoe with a street-ready style. Over 20 years later, the Lynx has remained one of the most revered skate shoes from the ‘90s. By releasing this highly sought after OG colorway, DC Shoe Co pays homage to an era when the streets were the true proving grounds for skaters.