Vans Lizzie (Teal)

Vans Lizzie (Teal)


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The Lizzie, the first signature skate shoe from Lizzie Armanto, breaks as much new ground as Lizzie herself with a unique solution to the universal problems of skate shoes—a better-fitting, more durable, and sustainably conscious solution for all skateboarders.

With a narrower fit, the perfect amount of VR3Cush™ cushioning, a 3D DURACAP™ toe for increased durability, and micro-waffle tread and SickStick™ rubber for maximum grip, the first signature skate shoe from a woman in 20 years is nothing short of legendary. Created with inclusivity in mind, The Lizzie also features a vulcanized construction with a higher outsole cup and rounded edges for a stable, broken-in feel.

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