Phillies x Kinetic boards from Element

Limited edition Kinetic x Phillies collab boards from Element.  When I was a kid before I got into skateboarding all I wanted to do when I grew up was play 3rd base for the Phillies like Mike Schmidt.  After I got my first skateboard that's all I wanted to do was skate, but I never lost my love for baseball or the Phillies.  My buddy Jay from Element called me a few months ago and said they were getting the official license from Major League baseball to do skateboards.  Jay said that to launch the project they wanted to do limited edition collaborations with some of the countries best shops and their local teams he asked me if Kinetic would be into it, I of course said hell yes!  It's an honor to have Kinetic's name on a skateboard with the Phillies logo and to be included with 15 of the best shops in the country for this project.  


Ben Jones
Ben Jones


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