Kinetic Skateboarding has grown up skating the streets of Wilmington Delaware.

Kinetic Skateboarding was founded in 2002  by long time skate rats Ben and Brannon.  Growing up traveling the east coast to find new places to skate and meet new people, they set out with an initiative to build a better skate scene in Pa, DE area.  Helping found the wilmington skate project, the shop has always worked to get public skateparks built and be involved in bring as many events to the area as possible.  The pride and joy of Kinetic is the 7th Street DIY park in wilmington and continued progress on the soon to be completed, Wilmington Skate Plaza.  

Kinetic has always strived to bring together the best aspects of skateboarding and snowboarding.  They stand behind great brands like Emerica, ES, Real, Anti-hero, Polar, Thrasher,Fourstar and while introducing the newest and best from brands big and small.

Nike SB-Adidas-Vans-Burton-Rome-Volcom-Huf-Stance to name a few.