We are going all ON-Line for at least the next week.  In order to protect our staff, customers and community, we are doing our best to help with social distancing.   All of our products are available on our website: www.Kineticskateboarding.com  We have updated all of our shipping to be free. Use the coupon code: FLATTENTHECURVE  to get 10% off all footwear and apparel.  You can DM us or email directly to info@kineticskateboarding.com   Please continue to support your local economy and especially small businesses if at all possible.  
We will be allowing pick-up in-store by appointment only.  You will need to have your order completed/paid, and one of our staff will be present to hand-off your order. 
Hopefully, this is short-lived, and we will be back to business as usual asap.  In the meantime, embrace social distancing and continue being a skateboarder.  Go skate that secluded curb, ledge or bank.  Build a DIY spot and have fun.  The world is not on fire, but we need to take a break from hi-fives. 
Kinetic Skateboaring
Ben & Brannon !

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