Wair Max! Ishod Wair's 2nd Pro-Model Shoe From Nike SB

Wair Max! Ishod Wair's 2nd Pro-Model Shoe From Nike SB

When Jim Thiebaud a great skater in his own right who has been team mates or the boss to most of the greatest skaters in history was asked who the greatest skater of all time is, with no hesitation he said Ishod Wair. If you know Jim you know he loves skateboarding more than anyone and his is an opinion you have to respect. A skater as amazing as Ishod deserves as shoe that is just as amazing. This time Nike SB pulled out all of the stops to make sure Ishod got the Ishod of skate shoes. Designed from the ground up while also taking heavy inspiration from Nike Air Max's the Ishod 2 is on it's way to becoming an instant classic. Despite the frigid temps in the North East Ben Owen and Toly Bitny took the Ishod's out for test drive. They both came back with some great clips and a new favorite shoe.

Get your Ishod's here Nike SB Air Wair

Also check out the video Ishod filmed for his new shoe. Lot's of mindblowing stuff from Copenhagen, Paris, and Miami.

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