Vans Skate Authentic (Tobacco)

Vans Skate Authentic (Tobacco)


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With basically a complete overhaul, the freshly unveiled Skate Classics line exceeds expectations by providing skaters with a shoe custom tailored for max performance.

The meticulously revamped upper, sculpted heel counter, securely anchored tongue straps, and a recalibrated DURACAP™ underlay ensure a nice fit that breathes better and endures longer where skaters need it most.

The two-part foxing, showcasing a more robust toe knurl, guarantees an organic connection with the board. The iconic Vans gum rubber sole, reimagined for grip, now boasts the advanced SickStick™ rubber compound and an internal heel shank. This fusion promises an abundance of flick, heightened boardfeel, augmented support, and crazy durability.

Try out the all-new Skate Classics, seamlessly fusing the classic aesthetics with performance benefits that resonate with the OG skateboarder.

• Meticulously revised upper, sculpted heel counter, locked-in tongue straps, and recut DURACAP™ underlay for an essential fit

• Two-part foxing with a tougher toe knurl ensures organic board contact 

• Redesigned Vans gum rubber sole improved with SickStick™ rubber compound and internal heel shank for more grip, boardfeel, support, and durability